Drops Exploratory 2-Track ‘Solar Waves’ EP On Delusional Records

Posted by on February 3, 2022 is an electronic artist who attracts the curiosity of others toward her sound with what could simply be called an allusive and nonconformist approach. Released on Delusional Records, Solar Waves EP is the latest work from her that reflects these qualities to a tee. Solar Waves EP is made up of two tracks titled “Ostara,” and “Arctic Age,” both of which work off each other to communicate an impactful soundscape.

“Ostara,” begins the adventure with with an uplifting draw. A feeling of uncertainty connecting pleasurable surprises comes out to play through the use of a house music structure and strong synth work. Without a vocal and using a somewhat vague mood, the mind is left to imagine what it all means – a refreshing aspect of Solar Waves.

“Arctic Age,” follows the opening track, but takes this musical passage to a plain that opens you up more with it’s progressive influences and dark direction. Blended with certain production parts found in “Ostara,” which allows the EP to be more connected, “Arctic Age,” shows it’s individuality with dark moments and a chilly feel. is a growing musician who knows what she is doing. She’s had labels sign her music such as Saturo Sounds, Heist Mode, and LTHM Records plus has played some highly notable venues like Avalon Hollywood, Elsewhere, Knitting Factory, and Bossa Nova Civic Club. Going beyond the decks, she is a co-founder of a promoter group known as Last Night’s Makeup, adding that much more experience to her thick resume. has kicked off her year in the right way, Solar Waves EP being a shining beacon on a hill that foreshadows more greatness to come.

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