OHMYGi Drop Intense And Daunting Music Video For ‘I’m Danger’

Posted by on January 7, 2022

Solo electronic artist OHMYGi has a ton of momentum going her way, “I’m Danger,” is the next extension of the non-stop energy that she’s able to bring to the attention of the masses. Within the video are plenty of themes that fit well with her established brand. A careless, near-reckless attitude, dystopian settings she places herself in, and rhythmic verses layered upon a bass-heavy instrumental epitomizes what’s going on at the core of this video. Wild and dangerous, the in-depth, hard-hitting aspects going on makes it difficult to peal the eyes off the video. Considering she’s been in the game for years and has her own strong following, it’s safe to assume her fans will be frothing over what’s she’s cooked up in this video.

The single is a tease of her upcoming album Danger in Pink, which is expected to be dark and heavy, but dynamic and unexpected as well. Knowing both Spanish and English, she uses this to her advantage in the music which makes her abilities to reel new fans in that much wider.

A singer, songwriter, and DJ, OHMYGi has laid out quite a roster over the long term, with more releases soon to come this year.

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