Alan Artin Creates Moving Electronic Single In ‘Blooming’

Posted by on December 15, 2021

Sunny violins and a charming aura if what musician Alan Artin is bringing to the table. This and more all appears within the core of “Blooming.” Inspired by the vibes of ODESZA, Alan Artin has brought to life his own lane of sounds that speak volumes. Moving back to “Blooming,” orchestra aspects, high-pitched toplines, and a crisp percussion entry helps make the single pop up.

If this is your first taste of Alan Artin, there couldn’t be a better intro to have. The flow is eased and allows the world to drive away as it’s energy begins to take over. “Blooming,” is a single with high replay value, showcasing plenty of originality within.

Alan Artin began his journey with music as a classically-trained pianist. It was his college years and a purchasing of a keyboard which led things to get a bit more in-depth with music creation. A festival adventure in 2018 brought all the parts together, breathing new direction into his aspirations and putting him on the path to have a career as a electronic artist.

Today, “Blooming,” is far from his first release. Artin’s discography showcases well over 700,000 streams on Spotify alone – this being the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his pillars of success.

Dive deep into the world of Alan Artin and find uplifting surprises that will take you places.

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