Mt. Sierra Reveals 4th Song ‘When You Hold It Down’ Off Of Debut EP

Posted by on December 10, 2021

2021 has treated Mt. Sierra well. He’s showcased a total of 4 track, giving a multi-lateral perspective as to what he’s bringing to the table as an electronic DJ/producer. Often delivering a sense of style that’s emotive, house-oriented, and styles a handful of fun themes, Mt. Sierra is giving what the scene needs extra of and while giving house DJ’s additional ammo to win the crown over.

“When You Hold It Down,” is an example of these tracks, this time styling a happy theme versus past releases – putting out there the range of exploration he’s not afraid to execute.

Having built his skillset on aspects like previous alias, Icon Collective education, live show hands-on moments, and more, Mt. Sierra knows what he takes to do things right as a budding electronic artist.

Currently based in LA and inspired by a wide range of music genres that go outside of electronic, Mt. Sierra

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