Teset Delivers Trippy Vibes In Ambient ‘Stapler’ Single

Posted by on November 24, 2021

“Stapler,” is a fascinating intro into an in-depth project. Teset is new to the field, but clearly not new to music. “Stapler,” transports the listener to a technical ride into their world, filled with various instruments playing out at the perfect time, a wide array or emotions built in, and incredible arrangement that ties it all together. It’s one of those vibes where it’s just impossible to predict what will come next when the initial 30 second pass by.

“Stapler,” is one part of a bigger vision. Teset has been showcasing an album, releasing each single 1 by 1. With no promotion and no traditional branding intact, he’s been able to catch a large swath of plays on Spotify. The moment has garnered his first round of listeners, an initial fanbase that any new artist/project would be grateful or.

If “Stapler,” is what you’re into, dive deeper into what Teset is offering – it won’t leave you disappointed.

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