Ironheart Impresses With Creative Middle-Age Theme In Electronic Music With ‘Terra Mariana’ EP

Posted by on November 24, 2021

First signed to Ophelia Records, founded by Seven Lions, via his single “Kingslayer” in collaboration with Caster, we now get a deeper perspective into his world through his New Dawn Collective signed Terra Mariana EP.

Terra Mariana EP, finds inspiration from a battle ridden saga of a by-gone time. A brutal battle in the 12th century filled with toppling kingdoms and ruthless conquering between rivaling ethnic factions injects itself into a vivid music adventure created by Ironheart. The EP name translates to “Marys Land,” in Latin, the name is of a land that was war torn during this time period. The spirit of these events find new life via the vehicle of popular music, with competing influences falling in line to attain a sound thats catchy, entertaining, perplexing, and sends an exciting rush of adrenaline down to spine triggered by something new.

With an incredible foundation of idealism now cemented thanks to this seasoned solo DJ/producer, the possibilities are endless of what his future releases may resemble.

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