LaVo Molds a unique blend of alternative pop for “Enemy”

Posted by on October 26, 2021

LA based singer-songwriter and producer LaVo crafts a unique blend of alternative pop, incorporating various dance elements in stylish and suave production, especially on his latest offering “Enemy.” The upbeat vibe of this one has hints of Tame Impala influencec whille still staying on its own lane, and it’s a beautiful thing. The up-and-coming act is someone to keep an eye on without a doubt. Check out a quote from LaVo below and stream “Enemy” above now!

“At first I felt like I was writing this song from a point of attack. Through the process of finishing it, it became more about the duality we feel within ourselves and our relationship with others we hold close. I think it’s always easy to pick an “enemy” these days, But it’s never easy to see yourself as one. I think we have all wondered if that person you’re thinking about is simultaneously thinking about you. It’s always been one of those things I’ve wondered, maybe laughed at the possibility even but I do think there’s something beautiful about it.”

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