Nervous Records Reaches 30 Year Milestone, Celebrates With Massive LP

Posted by on October 7, 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve gotten a whiff of electronic label Nervous Records over the years. The imprint has been around for 30 trips around the sun now, with it’s massive catalog of songs having rippled through the public conscienceness to a very deep degree.

Most labels don’t survive 5 years, let alone 30, yet Nervous Records has done it, clearly having generated a working model that stands the test of time.

Celebrating their 30 year milestone, they’ve put together a huge album titled Nervous Records 30 Years. Tapping many of the label mainstays to participate, who have put their efforts in cuts like “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real,” “Treat Me Right,” “Future Groove,” “Feel Like Singing,” all of which can be heard in the LP compilation today.

I’ve always been one to look at what others are doing (the industry at large) and think, ‘ok, are they doing this specific thing for a reason, or doing it because everyone else is doing the same thing’ and make my decision based on that.” 

In an age where data metrics and analytics reign supreme, I remain steadfast that they should be complementary to your decision and not the sole indicator to make one. So many songs today are written with 15 second hooks in mind for social media, and while there’s nothing wrong with that business model you will always be chasing the wave instead of carving out your own path and identity.  
– Nervous Records’ General Manager Andrew Salsano.

Nervous Records isn’t ending it’s era anytime soon, which is great, the electronic music palette simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

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