Posted by on June 11, 2021

UK born, Cincinnati based multi-instrumentalist Suave is back with powerful new music. He is a completely self taught artist, in all aspects of the word; producer, singer, songwriter. With all of these strings currently equipped on his ever growing and expanding musical bow, as well as a plethora of material already released over the past few
years although this EP ‘Changes’ is his debut project! It’s a unique blend of hip-hop and pop infused beats, taking influences from household names such as Jeremy Zucker and Teflon Sega, with a smoothness and guile that comes alongside. And with Suave’s swooning vocals sitting effortlessly on top, this makes for a hugely potent and addictive sound that will keep you on a constant loop of alt-pop goodness. This one is well worth the listen, so tap in above now! Be sure to read a quote from Suave on the release.

“This song represents the realisation I had only after being in such a bad place for so long. Success
doesn’t just happen. This song speaks of that important moment in my life that changed how I write,
how I work, how I promote myself and my drive to be heard has only increased since that day. That is
what this song means to me.” – Suave