Alex Martura Teams Up With Defnee To Share Exciting New Track “Ghost”

Posted by on May 28, 2021

Growing up surrounded by music, Alex Martura has built a diverse skill set that is now allowing him to stand out of the crowd with his infectious and radio-ready music. The producer and DJ started spending a lot of time with his neighbor at the age of 3, who taught him how to play the piano. Alex Martura then went on to play alongside many different bands before discovering his love for music production. 

Now, Alex Martura has teamed up with emerging vocalist Defnee to share exciting new single “Ghost.” A true showcase of his genre-bending and infectious style, “Ghost” is arguably one of Alex Martura’s best records to date. Smooth piano chords and minimal percussion accompany Defnee’s heavenly vocals in the verses, before stunning choruses explode with the help of shiny synths and bright melodies. 

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