Thomas Xavier Launches Debut Original Tracks With User Friendly-Signed ‘Go To Church’ EP

Posted by on May 21, 2021

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Thomas Xavier is bringing the heat double-time with his captivating EP titled Go To Church.

Thomas Xavier is not new to electronic music, but new to dropping his own original music under this name. His SoundCloud shares mixes that give an idea of his style, often embracing house and neighboring genres, but as of May 2021, Thomas Xavier is taking the step with things and his debut EP Go To Church.

Featuring “Go To Church,” and “G&G,” the works are as exciting as they are informative.

The frothy bassline is placed front and center to the listeners delight, G-house vocal samples give a spice that keeps your honed in mentally, while the percussion allows the entrancing, hypnotic vibrancy house music always gives to have it’s place.

“G&G,” is a mackerel of a tune, not steering too far off “Go To Church,” and not coming too close to where redundancy becomes an issue. Eerie and mischiefious, this one gets dirty in all the right ways.

Both tracks are part-in-parcel of a well-connected EP and a fitting firing off of a new phase of Thomas Xavier.

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