Nashville Pop Artist Kory Shore Grapples with Self-Doubt in Relatable New Single “Enough”

Posted by on May 17, 2021

Quick off the heels of his heartfelt single “IDKAT”, Nashville pop artist Kory Shore continues to deliver humanized hits with the release of his new track “Enough”. “Enough” captures a relatable side of Kory that grapples with self-criticism and doubt. Bred out of the confines of quarantine, Kory wrestled with stresses of everything crashing down on him at once. Relentlessly hard on himself, he fought time and time again to reach everyone’s expectations which almost always felt far out of reach. Shouldering the weight of the world, Kory dove into his music and wrote a song that many fans are bound to empathize with. Mental health suffered on a mass scale last year and the songs that came out of it display a raw, honest truth that will be revisited and remembered for decades to come.

“I think I’m not enough, no, I’m falling behind. All my friends are doing it right – Feels like I’m wasting my time…Like I’ll never make it” ~ Enough

At the time, Kory’s relationship was in a good place. The girl we got to know in his collaboration with Hip Hop artist danny G is here to stay in “Enough”; in fact, Kory opens up in the song about how she was his only true refuge from racing thoughts. Valuing the relaxation time that came with spending nights with his girlfriend, he was able to sense the contrast from his chaotic days and thus, took to his pen and paper to write and produce a track to remember. Speaking of pens and pads, Kory’s creativity doesn’t disappoint – leaving Easter eggs in the cover art for “Enough”, you can see the doodlings from past brainstorms and his first ever vinyl record “Unorthodox Jukebox” by Bruno Mars. The Kygo meets Jonas brothers vibe of “Enough” introduces a dual dimension to the track with its moody lyrics yet high energy production. What can easily be coined a ‘vulnerable summer anthem’, Kory introduces a new energy to match the season while staying true to the strength of his authentic storytelling that we know and love.

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