Silvre Drops Hybrid Pop single, “Call Me What You Want”

Posted by on March 29, 2021

Following the release of her debut track “You Don’t Really Like Him”, rising UK based artist Silvre [pronounced sil·vuh] is back with her second release to date via “Call Me What You Want”. The Pop infused alternative track features an overall lush vibe with shimmering synth patterns and a steady backbeat. Check out a quote from Silvre on the single below and stream the new track above now. Keep the buzzing act on your radars!

“This track was inspired by all the lies that live on social media, which is particularly glorified by the music industry”, she explains. “So much of what we see has been staged, modified or perfected with a filter and it’s exhausting to keep up with! There seems to be a handful of public figures that monetize and encourage this behavior and they are contributing to poor mental health, without a care in the world.”