Lily Williams Returns With A Vulnerable New Single, “Happy For You”

Posted by on March 5, 2021

Sitting at over 70k monthly listeners and finding her tunes on a number of Spotify editorial playlists, such as The Most Beautiful Songs in the World, Sanfter Pop and more, has been a long time coming for Lily Williams, who has been writing songs for over ten years before recently graduating from Berklee College of Music. 

The talented singer and songwriter just released her latest single in the form of “Happy For You,” a personal and intricate indie-pop gem that is out now via Frequency Recordings. Driven by smooth piano chords and trap-inspired percussion, “Happy For You” perfectly showcases Lily Williams’ unique skillset and vibrant personality, while coming alongside a playful music video. 

“The whole concept of this song came from the first line ‘I heard you met a nice girl on the internet, and you stopped smoking cigarettes.’ The ‘nice girl’ refers to your ex moving on with someone new and ‘quitting cigarettes’ is a metaphor for breaking bad habits,” says Lily Williams. “We wrote this song about the selfish feeling of trying and failing to be happy for someone that is better off without you. Even if you know the best thing is for the relationship to end, it still hurts to see someone you loved doing great with a whole new person and a whole new life that doesn’t include you in it.”