NICOLAS Releases Experimental Side In Second EP Tease “WANT IT”

Posted by on January 22, 2021

Throwback house vibes, unifying vocal work, and an all around definition to a sound, NICOLAS releases, “WANT IT,” independently and on ideal terms to say the least.

From his David Dann collaboration to his previous original “TEST DRIVE,” much has now been exposed musically from the soloist – juxtaposed by the little known about personal background, history, and the like.

“TEST DRIVE,” and, “WANT IT,” now leading up to the full EP, the title currently unrevealed, sets a precedent on many levels as to the future content and direction of the alias as a whole. Standing out as a personal high, features on Hotel Garuda’s ‘Rush Remixes’ EP and a commonality expressed across his own tracks, there’s a large range of traits to appreciate here.

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