“My J’s” A Fascinating Alignment of Talents From YungManny & Zubin

Posted by on December 18, 2020

Energy, meaning, and hype come to a cosmic musical clash thanks to Zubin and YungManny. “My J’s,” their latest collaboration and a bringing together of these elements in a graceful – yet elated – manner.

YungManny is a name many are familiar with, millions upon millions of streams, brand recognition, hype shows, and so on, all help make up the phenomenon that he is.

One could imagine Zubin was pretty stoked to get the news of the co-op moving forward.

Zubin, with many original and outstanding elements around his craft being clear and observable with each release, has hit a high note here. “My J’s,” being a clear “best of” match up, when it comes to the 2 visions of the 2 artists being incorporated into one track.

Check out the single in full above.