Soul Brucke Releases “I Promise You” As Apart Of Maison Fauna Compilation Journey

Posted by on November 10, 2020

“I Promise You,” is a easy work to highlight – strange sounds flow your way and win you over subtly, before you know it, the gradual ‘drop’ has kicked-in and you’re simply “into it.”

Maison Fauna has been on a wave of unique music releases that simply can’t be ignored. Acts like Blursome, Panar, Kir, and many others have all given music creations to the label and seen unique success moments come thereafter. “I Promise You,” which can be listened to in full above, is the last single showcasing what will finally be a 19-track compilation album, featuring a total of 22 artists of varying status’s and music/performative styles.

Striking balance of talent, music genres, all while making it fit within an umbrella of relevancy and practical curation, Maison Fauna stands out positively in the house/tech house world and beyond.

“’I Promise You’ is about me talking to my inner child and promising him that I will follow his dreams no matter what.”

-Soul Brucke

With fun instrumental hooks (for lack of a better word) built-in and a driven/creative atmosphere kicked-off here between the efforts of nearly 2-dozen artists and a busy label, there much to see with this release.

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