danny G drops his ode to positive mental health “lose my cell phone”

Posted by on October 26, 2020

Gaining quick traction after his recent releases “reeboks” and “run it,” Nashville flow-pop artist danny G is back with a hard-hitting new single “lose my cell phone”. In “lose my cell phone”, danny embraces his vulnerability by being mindful of the ways that modern technology and the demands of our current world take a toll on mental health. In an effort to be transparent, danny prioritizes authenticity in a society that often hides behind Instagram filters and impulsive Facebook statuses. In lyrics like “Don’t wanna carry expectations in my pocket // My black mirror isn’t really being honest.” he feels like he carries the weight of the world; and with this, danny encourages a much needed break from technology in order to disconnect so that he can reconnect with himself and those around him. 

danny G’s lively music has garnered a steady flow of support since 2019. He has landed on popular YouTube channel Rap City, TIDAL editorials’ Alternative Hip Hop’ & Rising Hip Hop playlists, as well as multiple Spotify editorials. Leaning into his uniquely coined ‘flow pop’ sound, danny continues to offer fans a seamless combination of relatable pop and hip hop. Previous collaborations include Travie McCoy, Xuitcasecity, and Cam Meekins. His positive flow has also captured the attention of local outlets like No Country For New Nashville and cable TV network WSMV’s Today In Nashville. Effortlessly surpassing expectations, danny remains authentic in both his mission and his music.

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