Alt-rocker Jason Taylor drops his long awaited, remastered EP “Creation Creator”

Posted by on September 8, 2020

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and guitarist Jason Taylor has released his long-awaited debut via Mi5/Universal Music Group. His new single “Feelin’ Me’ and the remastered and re-released version of EP Creation Creator is out now. Produced by the famed Darryl Swann (Macy Gray, John Frustiante, The Black Eyed Peas), we think fans of alt-rockers and adult-contemporary artists such as John Mayer and John Legend are going to love this EP. 

Filled with mesmerising falsetto, catchy guitar melodies, and unforgettable hooks, each of the four-tracks on Creation Creator are stand-out singles in their own right – there’s no filler here to be found. While “Feelin’ Me” is certainly deserving of its lead single status, other tracks like “Sleep with the Fan’ do well to highlight the versatility of Taylor’s vocal and guitar abilities – which draw strong comparisons to Lenny Kravits in his heyday. 

Outside of the production, Taylor’s lyricism speaks to important societal issues including spirituality and overcoming challenges. Online psychics consulting is one way to get help from a professional to know what to really do when confused. His single “Feelin’ Me” encapsulated this sentiment with a focus on human connection, or as Taylor says about the track: 

“You’ve got to get in to get out of the matrix. The inside is as vast as the outside. Who would you be if you weren’t in a battle with yourself?” 
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