Seanyy’s “Be Like That” A Must-Hear For Fans Of Upbeat House

Posted by on August 2, 2020

Uncommonly does a time come where a young, rising producer clearly captures both the genre he’s “going for” paralleled with a clear angle or “signature sound” built in. Yet, “Be Like That,” released by Seanyy, communicates this message and so much more in what is a just-over 3-minute future house ride well worth the experience.

Here some comments Seanyy shared behind the track

“There’s actually a cool story behind ‘Be Like That.’

It originally started out as a remix for a competition…I was in a time crunch to finish it as I was heading to Air Assault school in a week… [it] didn’t end up winning the contest, which was a shame, but I remember the drive home from Grafenwoer as I was blasting the finished tune on repeat — just loving the final result.

I always and will forever correlate this track to those brutal two weeks I endured at Air Assault. Fast forward almost two years: I revisit the project and turn it into an original. I got so much positive feedback from the original remix it just felt shameful to not officially release it. That’s how ‘Be Like That’ was born”


Sean Danielczyk, raised North of Baltimore, seemingly gravitated toward music as he grew up. Having limited access to the internet, he’d download and bring home YouTube videos to fill that void of info in his life at the time. This, among other factors, exposed him to dance music, the instrumentation/tools behind it, as well as the lifestyle.

Seanyy was hooked and the music directive in his life took over more than ever before.

Seanyy’s debut EP is set to drop this year, with plenty more action sure to come, click through the Spotify link above to hear more from him.