Lo Key Flexes Versatility On House-Infused “Summer Nights”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Inspiring and intense is the message that can be taken away from “Summer Nights,” a groovy, disco infused single bursting with live horns, soul-stirring vocal samples, and a light trance-influence that simply gets your there. “Summer Nights” second verse showcases a more hard-hitting side juxtaposition, the natural sweet to salty flow is a major highlight and a feat easier said than done. The totality of the experience gripping no matter where your dance music tastes fall.

Music has been an escape and way to overcome obstacles in the life of Lo Key, after experiencing the connectedness between others music has to offer, he plunged deeper into his passion for music and career. Lo Key is in it for the long run and the substance of his music reflects.

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