Styles & Complete Team Up With Bunji Garlin On Intense Trap Single “Bring Da Vibes”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Two modern veterans hype in different corners of popular music spectrum, Styles & Complete and Bunji Garlin, come together on “Bring Di Vibes,” a fast-paced, hard-hitting banger with a suiting fiery dub-infused topline. The result is magnetic festival-ready work soon to become the secret weapon for well-curating DJ’s on dancefloors globally.

Released on Jayceeoh’s Super 7 Records, the single is another bump in the massive wave of momentum both artist have built of the last several years. Alongside a coming together of music-talents, the reach of this one across fan-bases is an impressive aspect in itself. Listen to “Bring Di Vibes” in full above.

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