Corporate Slackrs Tease Upcoming EP Through Debut Single “S.M.S”

Posted by on August 10, 2019

Corporate Slackrs have their own trails and triumphs story about how making the move to LA to pursue electronic artists careers impacted them. Their upcoming EP Highs & Lows, and now the first single “S.M.S,” along with it, articulates different moments Devin and AJ literally or figuratively went through or came to realize after the start of their new life. The beat that ties around the lyrics, sang by co-member Devin himself, strikes an eclectic balance between rock, trap, and general modern dance music effects and atmospheres.

The end result is something new feeling with a dash of familiarity built in. Highs & Lows EP is set to release in October with one additional single dropping next month.

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