DayFox Impresses With Future-Bass Inspired Single “Lioness”

Posted by on August 2, 2019

“Lioness” delivers an all original feel through empowering lyrics, melodic and provocative future-pop productive value, and a splash of undefinable zest that only comes from an experience artists. This is precisely what DayFox wants served up on his latest single. The German based DJ/producer, who has dozens of works and hundreds of thousands of streams, all under multiple alias’s, adds yet another notch to his discography which continues to solidify his creative prowess. “Lioness” has much to offer, especially for those who are fantasy inclined or have a general passion for popular electronic artists of today.

DayFox, under a different name at the time, succeeded heavily within the Spinnin Talent Pool community, winning many times and impress fans and industry insiders alike. With a strong sound and many story elements at his disposal, DayFox is set to sore in 2019.

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