RAINDEAR Releases “Your Vibe” Delivering Unique & Memorable Sound

Posted by on June 20, 2019

With “Grace” being the debut, a single more euphoric and atmospheric-based, and “Your Vibe” now acting as a follow up, Skies To My Name is proving to be something to genuinely be looking forward to. RAINDEAR has been teasing various singles off the upcoming album. The single is a shift from the more euphoric and eased direction of “Grace,” “Your Vibe” going bigger and harder than expected.

RAINDEAR can be summed up into many things, one of them is: refreshing. The look and sound of RAINDEAR presents a mood not quite heard before but features sounds and samples one wouldn’t call foreign. The ‘hard to place why this is so good’ nature of the single will surely strike a chord in music lovers who come across it.

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