LoaX & Cloud 41 Impresses With Raw Single “Vuelo”

Posted by on May 23, 2019

What doesn’t the single have? Soul, pop, and a tad bit of Latin flavor all come together to form something unique and long-standing for summertime. “Vuelo” hits the spot with it’s multifaceted moods and extravagant atmospheres. The single allows you to glide along and enjoy the moment, filling you with that warm sun kissed feeling.

Enjoy “Vuelo” in full above and catch the mixing of the Spanish and English lyrics if you can.

Each of these artist have their own ongoing careers, the two of them combining the best of both of their talents to form what is on this single. They were both quickly noticed when they began taking producing seriously, one can hope this won’t be the last track these two put together.

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