Chris Varvaro Continues New Sound With “Notebook” Original

Posted by on May 5, 2019

Chris Varvaro is on a roll in 2019, the revitalization of his brand was centered around his last release “Broken,” a single where a fresh sound was put on full display that was not only all it’s own but ended up garnering support from media outlets to Spotify playlists and more. Given the success of the situation, Chris Varvaro has returned with single “Notebook,” containing yet again his last collaborating vocal partner, male singer-songwriter Sky Roses. Together the duo paint the sky with melancholy soundscapes, pure piano sounds, and a gliding vocal layer that stitches the single together.

Chris Varvaro is a soloist showcasing strong talent through his recent push in 2019, his music streams are on at an incline and his sound stands out against the crowd. Varvaro has many green flags going into 2019, with this year set to be one of his biggest yet.