Throwdown Puts His Twist On Marshmello Original “Sell Out”

Posted by on March 6, 2019

Miami-based solo artist Throwdown has released yet another banger for the masses, this time transforming Marshmello’s single “Sell Out” into a vivid riddim banger that slaps. High intensity and pitch-perfect basslines cover your speakers as Throwdown incorporates invigorating and face-melting moments with the Marshmello tune tightly in it’s wraps.

In the saturated world of bass and riddim, it’s hard to stand out against the flood of DJ/producers constantly trying to out-due each other. Yet, new artists rise every year whom tap into an appeal factor of some-sort. Throwdown is undoubtedly a rising artist of the year. Between collaborating with Riot Ten, gaining support from Marshmello, and having nearly a dozen shows under his belt in the past 6 months. Throwndown is riding this upward swing career-wise consistently and smoothly.