Shamanic Technology And Dusko Show Their Colors In Collaberative LP “Artifacts”

Posted by on January 29, 2019

Shamanic Technology teams up with Dusko to deliver the 17-track LP, Artifacts. The release transports listeners through a diverse journey of sounds, ranging in influence from future bass and melodic dubstep, to more experimental sounds drawn from jazz-infused psychedelia and G-funk. By featuring such a vast assortment of styles, Artifacts has something for everyone, with the congruous thread of intriguing sound design and production.

Shamanic Technology is the main project from United Kingdom-based producer Christian Hare. A veteran in the studio, he has spent years writing hybrid bass music, hip-hop, neuro, half-time, footwork, and future bass, pushing the boundaries of multi-genre experimentation. Best known for his remix of “Million Miles” that was performed live by Dizraeli and DJ Download on their most recent tour alongside The Pharcyde, Mos Def, Beardyman, and Foreign Beggars, Shamanic Technology has successfully garnered support from labels such as Ninja Tune and artists such as Space Jesus and Minnesota.

Dusko is the moniker of British Columbia based, multi-genre bass music producer, Daniel Cowart. The artist released both an EP and full LP on the Omni Temple label in 2018 and has begun lighting up dance floors at festivals in and around British Columbia alongside artists such as Dimond Saints. Dusko also recently emerged as a sound designer, releasing a sound bank supported by the likes of Phutureprimitive and Stickybuds.

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