Clay And Friends Release Upbeat Hip-Hop Original “OMG”

Posted by on January 29, 2019

On the outside, “OMG” seems like a soulful, upbeat jam with funk-charged energy, however, when one delves further into the release, the emotional depth of the release becomes evident. Clay and Friends spotlight the importance and fragility of life drawing inspiration from the death of Mac Miller and a recent and unfortunate car crash Mike Clay was in. All in all, with uplifting rhythms, organic instrumentation, and crisp vocal delivery, the band is able to envelop the narrative with solidly infectious production.

Montreal natives, Clay and Friends, are known for their modern blend of hip-hop, soul, and everything in between. Mike Clay’s syllable-blending flow dances between English and French and is inspired by urban life and the concept of “less is more.” With over 500 performances and 35K monthly Spotify listeners under their belt, it can be said that their unique sound is in high demand.

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