SLIMEZ And Throwdown Unleash Overwhelming Banger “Death Wish”

Posted by on December 7, 2018

Two fast risers within the dance music scene have teamed up to unleash a ferocious blend of bass. SLIMEZ and Throwdown are the two on stand, whom together formed the massive banger “Death Wish.” After finishing up the release, notable online label Shadow Phoenix couldn’t resists the two’s taste in bass and uploaded it as an exclusive on the channel – the single has been on an incline since then. Both SLIMEZ and Throwdown combine the best elements of themselves on this single, “Death Wish” going above and beyond the call of duty and delivering a massive banger that truly hits memorably hard.

Both artists have a routine of shows, releases, and content that seems to be never ending, dive into their SoundCloud to get a in-depth perspective about how these two make their style shine. More is set to come soon.

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