FNT Premiere: BLV Drops Tongue-In-Cheek Original “Sexplanations” On Club Rivera

Posted by on November 23, 2018

BLV’s “Sexplanations” hits audiences with slow, sensual vibes accentuated by hip-hop-inflected beats and motile bass lines. Smooth vocals and detailed lyricism, courtesy of Jay Novus, tell of trying to overcome one’s ego in an effort to communicate his feelings to his lover. With a blend of new and old-school sounds, “Sexplanations” emits carnally melodic vibes with party-starting energy.

Having produced a certified triple-diamond release with Nekfeu’s “On Verra,” the French artist known as BLV is no stranger to success. Initially creeping into the spotlight with remixes for the likes of Nelly Furtado, Tupac, and Rihanna, the artist has gone on to become an award-winning producer, racking up tens of millions of streams across streaming platforms.

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