Longtime Bassnectar Collaborator Dorfex Bos Spreads His Wings With Upcoming “Opinions” EP

Posted by on May 3, 2018

You may have seen his name on a flyer or on a musical production alongside the legend Bassnectar himself, yet Dorfex’s multi-decade evolution has most recently seen revived love as Bos became more immersed and enveloped within the experimental bass sub-culture; a new chapter for him beginning several years back.

Fast forward to 2018, Opinions EP is the next pillar in the experience.

Dorfex Bos’ gradual solidification within the genre continues to fuel his shows and collaborations. Set to release on streaming channels May 4th and SoundCloud later on on May, Opinions EP shares an overall dark or mysterious theme between each piece, while the singles define themselves through a dynamic blend of far-out arrangement, rhythm, and percussion. Aside from how the EP was put together, it has folks talking.

Given his track record, multiple collaborations with Bassnectar, and an insatiable lust for quality music, Dorfex Bos’ EP is set to send ripples through it’s target market as he treks forward with the project.

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