Fox Stevenson Releases Diverse Seoul Remix EP

Posted by on May 18, 2017

After making his mark in South Korea, Fox Stevenson is releasing a 3 track pack – Seoul Remix EP, featuring 3 talented Korean artists: IMLAY, Giiana, and Demicat, to celebrate his success. Fox Stevenson chose Korea to be his next territory to get into, after killing big stages like Tomorrowland, touring, and dropping new music.

South Korea-based artist IMLAY has been challenging all future bass boundaries since the birth of the genre. Having released severals EP and tracks, 600K streams via music, and more, IMLAY was a good choice. Giiana is the most unique out them all, leaving you with thoughts to simmer on as you process what was just heard.

Rooting from a DJ veteran who produces unique hip hop/jazz hybrid tracks, Demicat had a big role in making future bass more popular in South Korea since 2007. The artist has released on AIA, Daily Earfood and several other labels, as well as now on Cloudhead Records.

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