PhilZen Releases His Take On Zhu’s “Nightcrawler”

Posted by on May 10, 2017

PhilZen is beginning to find his groove in 2017. Lately, he has been picking up the pace on his releases – a few weeks ago he released an original “Show Me”, fusing the old with new – the single builds classic house, pop and a more modern dance feel together. Synthesizing an abstract collection of vibes that is a blast to jam out to.

His latest remix takes the project a step further. PhilZen has now released “Nightcrawler (PhilZen Remix)”, the single showcases a much darker side to the artist while boasting that this guy is not a pigeon-holed, one genre artist. PhilZen has many sides, all of which we have yet to see. Along with a dark sound, PhilZen builds future house and tech house into the drop and percussion, elements that help gel the multi-genre style together in a way that’s fluid and fitting.

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