Jack Squire & Katnip Release Melodic Bass Single “Imma”

Posted by on April 17, 2017

Los Angeles Producer Jack Squire has been on a roll lately with multiple releases over the past months. But today he is back with another gut-wrenching record. The new track featuring another Los Angeles producer Katnip features amazing melodies arranged to create a dark and playful atmosphere while the build up becomes more and more sinister, then when the drop hits, it hits you right in the chest. From previously supported tracks by Far Too Loud, James Egbert and Apek he is well on his way to becoming a bass music figure. “Imma” features everyone’s favorite dubstep elements from fast-paced arps to downright dirty growls. The drums hit hard and the consistency of the track is like none other.

With each release, he becomes better and better, and thanks to his education at the world-renowned Icon Collective School, he has the proper production and arrangement skills needed to take it to the next level. “Imma” is available to stream on Spotify, Soundcloud and a few others. If you’re a fan of Getter, Phaseone, or Spock then you’ll love Jack Squire’s new track “Imma.”

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