Will Vance’s “Slow Drive” Goes Deeper Than Imagined, Shares Exclusive Interview

Posted by on March 10, 2017

Portland, Orgeon native Will Vance is on a roll lately with his recent creation of his EP for 2017 entitled Days Go By already making an impact with his first self titled release “Days Go By.” Will has gained the attention of many listeners, incorporating soothing atmospheric sounds with the smooth and creamy synth design that we’ve come to love. Will Vance is here to premiere his third track off of his EP entitled “Slow Drive.” Appropriately labeled, the tracks progression is nothing less than euphoric with his use of airy angelic vocal samples down to his rhythmic hi-hat patterns, this track is a perfect drive along song with it’s chilled out string leads and thumping drums, this producer is on his way to a successful start to 2017. “Slow Drive” is released out on Thnk Tnk Records a relatively diverse record label that pulls in styles from all genres, which gives Will the advantage of truly diving into his craft without having to be isolated to a specific sound.

Will’s diverse production method and sound can be heard in this EP and we are excited to be the one to bring it to you. Will started his musical career at the ripe age of 12 years old after learning the piano he moved onto going down the producer path via synthesis, production, and more, to get him to where he is today. Will pulls influence from Yotto, Dusky, and Amtrac bringing the listener a unique experience that combines the classic house elements with a fresh new melodic energy. We are excited to bring you his third track off of his EP and to see Will flourish with his unmistakable sound and amazing production skills. We had a chance to sit down with the solo artist as well, check out the interview below.

How did you become interested in starting the project?
Will: It wasn’t so much the interest in starting something official, it was more the natural progression of things. I started making music roughly five years ago with hip-hop, which naturally shifted into more four-on–floor-club music. I’ve always liked the idea of expressing an entire idea myself through club music, instead of needing some other rapper of vocalist to be the focal point of the art.

Did you have prior experience in the music industry?
Will: I have written for blogs for a handful of years and have done some entry level work at record labels just to get the feel for the online scene of this industry. So much can be done online, that these gigs prove just as valuable, if not more so, than brick and mortar labels just cause the online world is so vital to the overall presence of an act.

Any particular reason you chose this genre to focus on for this projects?
Will: It is not like I choose a particular genre to do. You listen to the music that you resonate with, and in turn you create the music that the creative juices spit out. I’m sure there are some producers out there than can wake up and decide to “make a bass house track” or “make an ambient breaks track”, but that’s not me. At least for my skill level and where I am at as a producer, I can only create what feels and comes naturally to me.

Who are your influences?
Will: I’ve picked up a handful of inspirations throughout my time digging into the whole dance music world. Feed Me has always blown me away with his attention to detail and being able to creatively and cohesively make music with the most wild sounds imaginable. Cliche, but Eric Prydz for his ability to use simple sounds and minimal arrangements to create wildly complex music that is the most engaging works of art in modern dance music. Finally, Lane 8 for his intimate and gripping productions that I have seen evolve from minimalistic deep house to tight and the hard hitting club music music that he is currently releasing off of his newest imprint.

If you were doing Will Vance, what would you be doing?
Will: Pounding down shots of espresso anywhere other than in front of Ableton.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2017?
Will: More coffee, more melodies, more gigs, and more fun.

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