Here Are The Highlights From Matt Medved’s New Nest HQ Interview &

Posted by on February 28, 2017

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Matt Medved, senior editor at Billboard Dance, has been around the music industry block a number of times the past couple years. From conducting panels at EDMBiz to helping The Fat Jew’s Major Lazer tribute band, Major Behavior, start to moonlighting as a house DJ, the Rochester native has his hands in all assets of music and recently sat down with Skrillex-backed media platform, Nest HQ, to discuss some current event and the future of dance music in 2017. Here are the highlights along with his recent Shaman House mix for SiriusXM. Check out the full interview on Nest HQ here.

Highlight 1: His picks for future stars in dance music are ATTLAS, Cashmere Cat, Alison Wonderland, Marshmello, Mark Johns, and Martin Garrix.

Highlight 2: Medved is an avid fan of the Berlin house scene and two of his favorite artists in the scene are Nico Stojan and Unders.

Highlight 3: Shaman house is a term he made up that describes house music at a 118-122 bpm level that uses tribal and spiritual sounds.

Highlight 4: He played Sunburn festival in India and some kid said he was his favorite trap DJ when he did not in fact play the genre.

Highlight 5: He believes Donal Trump’s presidency is “Un-PLUR” and that artist should use their platforms to mobilize people like Chance the Rapper did getting people to the polls.

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