Gromo Talks Ultra Europe, Hobbies, And New Single “Give Me” In Exclusive Interview

Posted by on February 16, 2017

Coming from New York, this producer has a storied past unlike most. Gromo burst onto the scene at Ultra Music Festival in Miami at the ripe age of 16, the youngest artist to ever play such event. From there he went onto to international shows including Ultra Japan, Ultra Europe, and Ultra Bali. His unique production style and age have garnered him a reputation that is hard to come by for high school student. Never the less, his new track “Give Me” is a creative and unique record that features a multitude of different elements mashed into one solid piece of production.

Gromo’s influence is urban edge combined with soundscapes from electronic music and these are perfectly conveyed in his single “Give Me.” The track starts of with hip-hip/dancehall origins and breaks into a drop with powerful horns and stylish dancehall beats that will get anyone moving. This chilled out track incorporates a lot of his skills as DJ, producer and guitarist, bringing classic groovy urban beats to a modern rendition. His unique style offers us a different approach to bass music and makes listeners eager to see what else this young producer has in store.

If you aren’t focusing on dance music, what are you doing?

Brae: Currently I am focusing more on making Hip-Hop and r&b songs for myself and for other upcoming artists. I felt like I needed to change my sound because dance music has become so formulated and restricted. It seems to be too much about finding the right patch and making the hardest drop and less about the groove and the melody. Melody was the main reason I fell in love with dance music. The good news is in 2017 labels like Spinnin are trying hard to connect with the younger generation by making vocal and melody based songs. This is a good thing.

How was playing Ultra Europe and what advice would you give to up and coming producers to get found?

Brae: Playing Ultra Europe both times was an amazing experience. It was in Europe where I learned how much my music connects with fans. My advice to any up and coming producer is to go for it. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. There are no boundaries. I know that it’s so hard when you feel like you have to do what everyone else is doing to be discovered. I personally experienced this. It was a hard lesson to learn. But really the best thing you can do is make music that truly reflects the person you are.

When is the next release planned?

Brae: For my next release I am working on a remix of an R&B song. I can't say what it is but basically I am re writing the song the way I would have envisioned it.

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