Felix Jaehn Proves He Can Step Outside His Comfort Zone and Still Pack Stadiums

Posted by on August 12, 2016

Felix Jaehn

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Felix Jaehn is not allowing himself to be bound by one genre. Up until the start of the summer, the 21-year-old producer was turning out a solid string of blissful, melodic house singles, quickly spearheading the tropical house movement and becoming of the more recognized artists of the genre. His remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader” last summer was a foolproof breakthrough, placing his name on the top of the charts in over 50 countries and giving him an outstanding fanbase that could pack any venue or stadium with every performance.

However, as Felix Jaehn continues to grow and cultivate his sound, he has slowly begun to move away from those euphoric, jubilant rhythms, and deliver new music that has him pushing serious boundaries. He kicked off the summer with a pop-tinged, anthemic number “Can’t Go Home” with Steve Aoki and Adam Lambert, a move that showed the world that he can step outside his signature sound. His following release, “Cut the Cord,” with Hitimpulse had him moving even further away from his melodic house style, revealing that Felix was prepared to direct himself into a newer, robust sound territory. Now, his most recent single, “Bonfire” with Finnish singer ALMA has already accumulated well over 12 million streams on Spotify, acting as his defining push into a more earthy, darker tone.

With more music on the way, we can expect that Felix Jaehn will continue to thrive on his talent to master any sound without loosing his captivating flair. His growing fanbase and new releases are a true testament to his more than capable production skill set, a sizable quality that can’t be found in every artist.

Listen to his newest single, “Bonfire” below, and see why Felix Jaehn is one of most exciting artists in the game right now.

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