Europe’s Steello Shares About Raising Over 100K€ For Charity Through Music, Musical Background, Future Plans & More

Posted by on June 16, 2016

Steello is breaking ground in the American scene and for good reason. His sound focuses on the chill atmospheric vibes, in the same realm/ market gaining traction in the last several months. The arrangement of this original “Faith” make the Steello experience awe inspiring. The solo DJ/producer clearly chooses his collaboration partners wisely because his releases keep improving graciously over months no matter who the name is next to him. Steello talked to us about whats up with him, his background, and much more below:

What inspired the sound for this release? It sounds more dramatic and more ambient than your past releases.

Steello: This track needed to be ALL THAT! I wanted to bring out my emotional side on this one since Cancer can be a horrible life changer and it affects your surroundings as well. I have friends and close ones who’ve lost someone or are living with cancer, it’s not joyful.

How did you link up with Zinity?

Steello: Zinity and me competed a lot before, we entered competitions over the internet. I’ve always liked the way he does his music and I look up to the way he does it, his sound is good. I still feel a bit competitive and there is no harm in a little friendly competition. During these past years we have become friends and he even came to visit me here in Sweden. My team combined together with Zinity got the opportunity to make this beautiful track who we decided to name Faith, after all…It was for a charitable cause. I would also like to thank Ride Of Hope and The Children Cancer Fond for making this possible.

How did you find the singer for “Faith”, was it something that clicked quickly?

Steello: Sanna Stihl is an artist who got requested by The Children Cancer Fond. She is one of the most talented artists I’ve worked with.

Can you see yourself focusing more on these sounds for 2016/2017 or was this a one time thing, sort of?

Steello: My main focus is Electro/Deep/Progressive House, but to me music means life. I refuse to be put in a single category and give the impression of only being able to produce one type of sound. I’ve done a variation of tracks such as Tropical, House, Pop and even Hip Hop. My main focus for 2016/2017 is gonna be on my EP. I’m aiming for a sound with even more progressive, tropical and deep house influences, perfecting my style.

Who or what got you interested in music?

Steello: As a kid I got bullied in school, a lot. At the age of 15 I found great inspiration in music and got eager to learn more about it so I decided to take piano, guitar and studio lessons. These lessons sparked something in me and that’s how I started making my own music.

How did you get involved with the charity for this one? How much has been raised so far?

Steello: LA SWEDE MUSIC, my management had a longer collaboration with Ride Of Hope and The Children Cancer Fund. They needed a song and I was the right guy for the right job. So far we have raised over 100.000 €, you could say it’s a good start.

What do you plan to do for the rest of 2016?

Steello: My team and I got some tracks and good collaborations this summer, we will put in hard work to reach our goals. I’m very focused on my next track, my mini tour and last but not least my EP. My team and I have some few tracks and good collaboration this summer. But I´m very focused for my next track and later my mini tour and last but not least my EP.

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