SAYMYNAME Talks Meeting DJ Snake, Official Remixes, Yearly Plans, & More

Posted by on March 1, 2016


SAYMYNAME is blowing up right now in a lot of different ways. The support he has garnered is out of this world, and now it’s only gotten bigger with his official remix on “Propaganda” Remix EP, released via Interscope Records, an event that boasts SAYMYNAME’s HARDTRAP style and puts his name next to some of the biggest in the industry. We were lucky enough to snag an interview with SAYMYNAME soon after the release of the remix EP. We dived into several subjects: him meeting Snake, his career taking off, and more.

When did you and DJ snake first communicate?

SAYMYNAME: Last summer (2015) I had got in touch with Snake over Twitter. A fan of mine sent me a video of him playing my Carnage-WDYW Remix in Vegas. I sent him my unreleased HARDTRAP originals and he started playing them in his sets. Finally met him in person at Insomniac’s Countdown event last month.

How did the idea of you remixing ‘propaganda’ come about?

SAYMYNAME: A fan actually tweeted him suggesting that I remix Propaganda; he dm’d like “Let’s do that dawg” and sent the stems right away! I was in Vegas that weekend with friends. We met at XS before his set and he brought me on stage to drop my Mercer- Encore remix, which was INSANE. I left the club, and headed straight to the airport at like 4 A.M. to catch the next flight back to L.A. I couldn’t wait to start working on the remix.

Why do you think so many artists and fans are latching onto the hard trap sound? What made the movement possible?

SAYMYNAME: HARDTRAP is aggressive, and it’s spreading. It awakens the beast out of people and I believe that’s what my fans love about it. I see so many videos on Instagram of people losing their minds when a HARDTRAP song is dropped at a festival. Much respect to Carnage, Snake, A-trak, Mercer, Adventure Club, DOTCOM, GTA and others that have helped the movement by supporting my HARDTRAP tracks in their sets. My fans have been crucial in the movement. They send me videos of them listening to my remixes while they cook, do homework, lift weights, drive to work for example. It’s so cool and motivating to see HARDTRAP become part of their everyday routines now.

What festivals are you playing this year? From your perspective, which new festivals are really popping off last year and this year?

SAYMYNAME: Festivals dates are to be announced, but from my perspective I think Life is Beautiful has popped off lately. The line up last year was pretty stacked and diverse.

Are there any clothing brands that you’ve been really digging on lately in 2016?

SAYMYNAME: Yeah I’ve been rocking a lot snapbacks and gear from Wise Minds Clothing lately.

What are key elements you love to see at venues that you play at?

SAYMYNAME: Great hospitality and friendly staff. I love seeing the venue staff happy because its makes the crowd happier. It really does make a difference in the mood. I love seeing back up gear too, like an extra CDJ.

At the end of 2016, what do you want to look back on and say you did?

SAYMYNAME: I want to look back and say that I pushed the HARDTRAP sound.

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