Monstercat Joins With Splice For Live Streaming Artist Collab at SXSW

Posted by on March 18, 2015


As we begin SXSW Music 2015, we also mark a major chapter in the Monstercat narrative as the team leaps across the realm of internet dominance and into the live performance sphere via its label showcase on March 19th at the Empire Control Room. While this exciting initiative from Monstercat is great for the label, what is truly setting the showcase apart is teaming with the game changing startup Splice, the platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing. For the first time ever, Monstercat and Splice will host a live stream of Monstercat artists collaborating on a track using Splice. Haywyre’s WIP (Work In Progress) will kick things off and with Splice’s cutting edge platform will be picked up by Aero Chord to add his touches to the track; all of this will be streamed live on Splice and Monstercat’s Twitch channels. Fans will be able to watch minute by minute and get an inside look at the production process in Ableton Live as well as download the WIP to create their very own versions.

This event showcases the tools available for artists through Splice, which eliminate the dreadful hurry-up-and-wait moments of working with fellow artists remotely, and give fans up-close access to the incredible creative ability of Monstercat’s roster. For anyone in Austin on March 19th, this event is a must-attend. And for those who aren’t lucky enough to make the trip to The Lone Star state, be sure to tune in to 9:00 PM EST/ 8:00 PM CT to witness this incredible exhibition.

Haywyre WIP:
Live Stream: