The (W)rap Up Vol. 1

Posted by on February 18, 2015

Jimi Tents – Elmer Fudd

There is an interesting collective emerging in Brookyln, NY. While the rest of New York City wallows in their sorrows of a lost Bobby Shmurda and still-very-present Troy Ave, Jimi Tents and his collective are plotting their takeover. Jay-Bel seized the blog world a few weeks back with “Kate”, and now Jimi follows up with an equally impressive “Elmer Fudd”. I’m a sucker for introspective rap, so when Tents opened up the song with “if a body drops in the and no one around , does it make noise?” I was instantly hooked.

His rapping seems meditative. It carries healing powers. I’m excited for what comes next, this is clearly just the beginning.

Smino – Red Velvet

After forgoing a recent name change, Smino re-emerged with a special Valentines Day track for all his lady-fans and emotional males. His voice is as silky smooth as ever while Monte Booker’s production continues to get stronger and stronger. Smino floats back and forth between falsetto R&B, and melodic rapping making “Red Velvet” an exciting listen from front to back.

Joey Green – Swim

Joey Green is a monotoned-rapper with a penchant for jazzy beats and lo-fi vocals. While not mainstream applicable with pop sounds and catchy hooks, Joey Green doesn’t have to be. He waltzes across the beat with a slow controlled sound, and invites listeners to join him on the deeper, darker world which he inhabits.

Khary Durgans – self centered / Twenty-3

Khary Durgans has the type of voice that makes you stop and pay attention. He sounds young, and he is. Khary fixates himself on the internal struggles he faces as a 23-year old artist. Old enough to know your own flaws, but not yet willing to correct them.

Got a new girl just to fuck me for the winter // my heart’s colder than I remember.

Durgans still has a ways to go as his rhyme schemes and and punchlines can sometimes come off predictable and childish. That being said, take a listen to the double-feature “self-centered / Twenty-3” and get to know Khary Durgans.

Chance Fischer – Staccato

Hailing from Virginia, I’ve had my eye on Chance Fischer for a while. While he’s always popped out to me as above-average, I was never fully convinced. “Staccato” was a pleasant surprise filled with energy, emotion and angst. While the mix sounds a little rough, and the production isn’t top-notch, Chance carries the song to make it enjoyable and intriguing.

King Rosè – Tales of the Rip (ft. Cal Rips & CRASHprez)

All members of the questionably named collective, Kool Klux Klan, King Rose, Cal Rips and CRASHprez unveil a video for “Tales of the Rip”. The video doesn’t add much value to the song, but each artist brings their own unique style to the posse cut track. Rose stands out with his soothing sing-rap hook, while CRASHprez’s final verse takes the cake for most enticing. His voice may draw comparisons to Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins, but his energy and story telling ability is fantastic.

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