Nell Premiers The First Gem Off “The Screw Tape”

Posted by on January 4, 2015

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What is a Hip-hop track without the desire to recite and repeat lyrics? The answer is nothing, you don’t quote Dre or Kendrick because they suck. Sure, people love their beats these days, but that doesn’t make a track. Premiering Nell’s upcoming mixtape, “The Screw Tape”, “Comin Down” turns out to be a dope way to move up. DJ Screw and El Camino Black set the scene for us while Nell takes their seductive beat and flows like the wine of Gaston’s fountain. How can you say no to wine? It’s good for the heart.

Free Download: Nell – Comin Down (Prod. By DJ Screw and El Camino Black)

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