Showtek Redies “90s By Nature” Featuring MC Ambush

Posted by on December 15, 2014

Everyone is making future house tunes, which I can’t be upset about. It’s a new sound (pioneered
largely by Tchami and Oliver Heldens) that artists who previously made generic progressive house nonsense (like Showtek) are now all over. Regardless, this is a fat tune. The only issue I have with it is that a producer named Girls Love DJ’s teamed up with Praia Del Sol to make a “Bigfoot” re-work that was released in September that sounds strangely similar. Of course, all the Soundcloud links are down, however, a Youtube video still exists. Play the two tracks side by side and tell me that isn’t a variation of the same track. I’m not accusing either party of wrong-doing, but something is up. What I find fascinating is that Showtek either scooped the track from these guys or was producing under a new name to avoid detection and criticism from his fan base. “90’s By Nature” drops December 29th.

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