Hugh Myrone is more than “Kinda Epic” in his latest release

Posted by on December 13, 2014

Who is Hugh Myrone? What is Hugh Myrone? Why is Hugh Myrone? How is Hugh Myrone?

These are all questions I ask myself everyday as I roll out of bed and begin my undoubtedly underwhelming day. In a world full of copy-cats, trend-riders, and cattle (cattle population has reached 1.4 billion making them the most populous organism visible to the naked eye!); Hugh Myrone is the cat’s pajamas, a trendsetter, and polar bear.

His newest release “Kinda Epic” is the perfect 80s synth-driven, guitar-shredding song for any possible occasion. Put it on while you’re brushing your teeth, skydiving, racing cars, or making guacamole. The possibilities are endless.

The title sells it short, “Kinda Epic” is the most epic, and everything you would expect for the theme music to a killer video game.

Go out and be kinda epic today, you peasants.

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