Tiesto Ft. DBX – Light Years Away (Oliver Heldens Remix)

Posted by on November 25, 2014

I despise anything Tiesto releases. I won’t listen to it on principle because it’s usually progressive house wanna be cross-over top 40 garbage. Tiesto has long given his soul to the major label machine which I contend has slowly chipped away at his credibility. The major label machine doesn’t understand the dance space and has steered him largely in the wrong direction. Fortunately for Tiesto, Oliver Heldens transports “Light Years Away” into another galaxy, incorporating melodic sounds and much needed groovy basslines. Oliver Heldens is the only reason I’m even entertaining this song. It’s a departure from his signature square wave future house bass sound but I’m not against it. You can’t fault an artist for trying something new. Oliver Heldens. So hot right now. Oliver Heldens. Niiiiice.

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