Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me (Slinger Remix)

Posted by on September 8, 2014

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Game over…. Ya’ll know this song, last summer Great Good Fine Ok released “You’re The One For Me,” one of the most memorable indie-pop records of 2013 with a hook that speaks volumes! Then Slinger comes along, and figures he’d bring back Summer of 2013, and sprinkle 2014 all over it, continuing a wave of feel great music, spreading love and passion. This remix was completely unexpected, but it’s done just right! I couldn’t be any more happier supporting this record, and I almost want to go as far as saying that “You’re The One For Me” might have become a classic thanks to this remix. This is by far a must listen!

iTunes: Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me (Slinger Remix)