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Posted by on May 26, 2014

bixel boys

Two Fridays ago in New York it monsooned. Not your average everyday, downpour with the occasional flash of lightning, but a serious cloth soaking, 100% humidity state of affairs that created deceptive “puddles” that would envelop your entire lower leg up to your knee. Despite this and a 4 hour flight delay because of it, The Bixel Boys got to Webster Hall to play alongside the big man himself (he is actually a rather tall and imposing figure), Tchami.

So me hoarse from yelling over the music and a busted voice from a week of tough allergies and a cold, managed to get out some ridiculous questions to the guys and they gave me some great answers with Tchami “Untrue” blaring in the background.

FNT: Who do you want to see in a Freelife jersey?

Rob: Lebron James
Ian: Michael Jordan

FNT: What about females?

Ian: Natalie Portman
Rob: You fucker!

Ian: Wait, wait, wait, scratch Natalie Portman, Kate Mara.
Rob: Wait for it…. Hilary Clinton.

FNT: Power Move

Rob: Get it, get it.

FNT: Which person best defines the #Freelife?

Ian: Lance Armstrong before the scandal
Rob: That’s pretty good.
Ian: That’s nailing it, if he didn’t blood dope, he would be the Freelife.
Rob: I would agree with that.
Ian: Or Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is pretty Freelife.

FNT: You agree with that (looking at Rob)?

Rob: I agree with that.

FNT: Who is better at sports?

Rob: This guy.

Ian: This is still to be debated. We were supposed to play in a basketball tournament, but our flight got delayed going Miami so I talk a big game.

Rob: I’ve got a decent jump shot, but Ian is a more finesse player.

FNT: What about the YMCA game?

Ian: The YMCA game in middle school was all me man.

Rob: Ian can probably dribble better than me, but I am a pretty good shooter.

I would venture to say that I am that short white asian kid with handles. I have crazy handles, which is tight. Jump shot is alright, but don’t give me the lane. Don’t give me my right and don’t give me my baseline.

FNT: Ian, why do you have a cupcake on your elbow?

Ian: Oh shit haha. I got that tattoo because my friend in Chicago was getting AK-47s tattooed on him and I thought it was ridiculous and he’s not hard. So I was just like, I am going to get a cupcake and now the tattoo guys are going to have to tell the story of how I had to tattoo this guy with AK-47s and then his friend came in and got a cupcake on his elbow. I don’t know man, I’m soft, I like cupcakes.

FNT: You have a lot of tattoos…

Ian: Yea I like cupcakes. I like spontaneous stuff. So I got the cupcake tattoo. It was in Chicago.

FNT: Why did you name yourselves the Bixel Boys?

Ian: Bixel is a really nondescript street in Los Angeles that runs from Silver Lake Park to the 10 and it is a pretty good representation of what LA really is. It goes from cool to hood to the freeway in a really fucking short gaps. It doesn’t run on the freeway, it’s a short ass street. I used to live on it, I used to work on it, Rob knows where it is. It was just one of those things where it is a pretty good description on Los Angeles. You can run the gamut of Los Angeles on this street within probably a mile and a half.

FNT: Are you cool and hood?

Bixel Boys: Well its like we will play cool guy indie funk shit, some super ratchet, hood shit and then some freeway drivetime music style. We’ll get around, it’s all good.

FNT: Do you think you have made big room underground?

Ian: Yes and no. Yes I feel like we are the first ones to put the name on it. Tracks have been there but have been reluctant to attach the name to it. I think the term big room is a term people don’t like to use and is something that we just take very literally. It’s something that is bigger than 300 cap [capacity] so why not call it that. So like who cares, we make music that’s what matters.

FNT: What is something people might not expect about you?

Ian: Rob is the Justin Timberlake of this motherfuckin’ group. He cleans up dude. We are going to start dubbing him Hot Rob because is cleaning up, cleaning up!

FNT: In the past week how did he do?

Ian: in the past week you want to talk about? In the past week did did really well.

Rob: Something people don’t know about Ian. Something that people don’t know about Ian that should is that he a branding and marketing wizard. Without the logo, without the #Freelife, the shirts, we would only be halfway to where we are now. It is a mutual thing between us. People don’t realize how much work he puts into the logo design and the process behind the group.

FNT: I thought that was Will [their manager]

Rob: No Will doesn’t do anything. ::Everyone laughs::

Ian: Fucking Will.

Rob: You can quote that.

Ian: Bold that in the interview, italicize and underline.

Rob: Will doesn’t do shit.

Ian: But we love him.

FNT: What do you have coming up?

Ian: We have a tour in Australia, we have a new EP coming out in late June.

FNT: How many songs?

Ian: Two song EP. We have another song coming around right now, a lot of originals on deck and Australian tour and a few more festival. Also we are playing a very large festival in Los Angeles that I am not allowed to say yet that rhymes with Pard Fummer.

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